Understanding the Role of Prior Loss of Use in Workers’ Comp Cases

For the past few years, Segar & Sciortino has encountered resistance in certain types of Workers’ Compensation cases involving “schedule loss of use” (SLU) awards. Cases involving the arm, hand, leg, or foot can result in a schedule loss of use if a healthcare provider determines you have a permanent injury to one of those… Read More

Don’t miss out on Workers’ Comp benefits—even if it’s years later

Regretting your decision to not pursue your Workers’ Compensation claim? It may not be too late. Sometimes injured workers will forego their Workers’ Compensation rights as a courtesy to their employers. Those employers are almost always indifferent to this decision. That leads to a situation where the worker forfeited their right to an insurance payment… Read More

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Families of Deceased Workers

For clients who have been classified with a permanent partial disability for injuries occurring after March 13, 2007, recent case law may provide some security for your family should the unthinkable happen. As you are likely aware, your benefits are subject to a durational cap on how long the insurance company has to pay your… Read More

Workers’ Compensation Board Changes How Medications and Surgeries are Approved

On December 5, 2019, the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) announced what they call a “drug formulary.” This formulary is basically a list of medications that can be prescribed to injured workers without prior authorization from the WCB. The medications are listed based on their effectiveness and appropriateness for the treatment of injuries… Read More

Looking for Work While Collecting Workers’ Compensation for a Partial Disability

When a partially disabled worker receives workers’ compensation benefits, that worker has a duty to stay “attached to the labor market.” That means that if your doctor says you can do some type of work, even if you can’t do your old job, you have a duty to continue looking for work in order to… Read More