Where Can I Bring a Lawsuit?

When bringing a lawsuit one of the first and most important questions to ask is “In what county should I file this lawsuit?” The county where you file is called “venue.” Venue is important because it impacts the judges and juries that get assigned to your case. Depending on the kind of case you are… Read More

I got in a car accident but I have no medical insurance– how can I get treatment?

How can I get treatment if I was in a car accident but I have no medical insurance? Everyone in New York State is required to carry No-Fault Insurance on their car. No-Fault Insurance pays for medical benefits and lost wages (up to a certain limit) for anyone injured in a car accident regardless of… Read More

What is Liability?

In any lawsuit there are two things you need to prove:  Damages and Liability.  Damages are easy to understand—they are the harm you suffer, whether it is a physical injury, loss of money or both.  In order to bring a lawsuit you must suffer some kind of harm.  Whether or not your harm is serious… Read More

Car Accidents: When To Bring A Lawsuit

Car accidents are scary things. People get hurt and it is expected that whoever caused the accident should pay for those injuries. This is why New York requires all drivers to carry No-Fault insurance. No-Fault insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages, regardless of who caused the accident. However, sometimes No-Fault coverage isn’t… Read More