Product Liability Attorneys

Many injuries—especially work-related injuries—are caused by defective products. Industrial equipment may not have been manufactured properly, causing it to fail and harm a worker. A missing bolt can cause a collapse when least expected. Proper safety guards may not have been built onto a table saw, conveyor, lift or other industrial machinery. Chemical spills and long-term chemical exposure can also cause serious illness and injury.

The result can be traumatic amputation, crushing injuries, and other catastrophic injuries.

When a manufacturer fails to take proper safety precautions, injured workers have a right to file a products liability suit for, among other things, pain and suffering.

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If you or a loved one has been harmed in an industrial accident, make sure you have a product liability attorney to represent you and to make sure you obtain all the compensation you deserve. At Segar & Sciortino, we will listen carefully to the story of your accident, investigate the circumstances, and pursue all of your rights and remedies under the law.