About Us

Mission Statement

Our firm is dedicated to providing the highest level of legal service to the injured and disabled in Western New York.

History of Segar & Sciortino

Steve Segar and John Sciortino met on their first day at Albany Law School in August 1983.  Together they forged a friendship and eventual partnership that lasted thirty years until John’s sudden and unexpected death in 2012.

After graduating from Albany Law School in 1986, Steve practiced law in Albany, New York developing his litigation and trial skills primarily in personal injury and accident law. John started in Rochester, New York practicing in a wide variety of areas.

Before founding Segar & Sciortino, Steve and John recognized that injured workers typically hired one firm to handle their workers’ compensation case and another to represent them on a third party personal injury case arising from the work accident. Sometimes even a third law firm would be hired to help with the injured worker’s Social Security Disability claim. Having three different attorneys handling three separate but related claims stemming from the same work accident often led to inefficiencies, miscommunication and a failure to maximize the injured worker’s benefits on all three claims.

With that realization, Steve and John developed an innovative approach in representing the injury claims of workers hurt on the job. Their approach focused on providing a single voice in coordinating the legal claims and monetary benefits owed to injured workers in workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability and third-party litigation (a bodily injury claim for pain and suffering arising out of a work injury). Three claims, one firm, all under one roof.

In December 1992, after much thought, discussion and planning, Steve and John opened the law firm of Segar & Sciortino. They did so with one guiding principle: provide first-rate legal services to injured workers and their families. Through perseverance, hard work and an undying love of the law, Steve and John used their commitment and unique service model to better help the needs and interests of their injured clients.

Tragically, in March 2012, John Sciortino passed away at the pinnacle of his career. John’s loss was deeply felt within the community and served as a catalyst for the attorneys and staff at Segar & Sciortino to continue his work. Steve remained steadfast in his leadership of Segar & Sciortino and in carrying out the vision that he and John shared of providing injured workers the benefits they deserved.

Steve is presently one of the few attorneys in Rochester, if not the only attorney, who represents injured workers before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and also litigates related third party personal injury lawsuits for pain and suffering in our state and federal courts.

For over 30 years, Segar & Sciortino has represented over 25,000 injured workers in Rochester and Western New York. With the additions of attorneys Erin Boardman, Jason Poselovich and Nicholas Warner to ownership positions in the firm, Segar & Sciortino is well positioned to continue its legacy of service and commitment to injured workers and accident victims for many years to come.