Don’t miss out on Workers’ Comp benefits—even if it’s years later

Regretting your decision to not pursue your Workers’ Compensation claim? It may not be too late.

Sometimes injured workers will forego their Workers’ Compensation rights as a courtesy to their employers. Those employers are almost always indifferent to this decision. That leads to a situation where the worker forfeited their right to an insurance payment for an injury because of the misconception that their employer didn’t want them to pursue the claim. The truth is that year in and year out, your employer pays an insurance premium to provide you and your fellow employees with Workers’ Compensation coverage. So, not pursuing the claim only saves the insurance companies from meeting their obligations.

Fortunately, you may still have options. If you filed a Workers’ Compensation claim in the last eighteen years for a work-related injury to one of your extremities and only received medical care and lost wages, you may have missed out on a significant lump sum award—money you left in the pockets of your employer’s Workers’ Comp insurance company.

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