Social Security Disability (SSD) Attorneys

If you’ve been disabled for 12 months or expect to be disabled for 12 months, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD). This does not mean you will be disabled forever—it means you’re entitled to Social Security Disability benefits for as long as you are disabled. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration initially denies most claims.

Come see us so we can look at your Social Security Disability case from every angle.

Because our Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyers have worked on so many cases, we are familiar with the laws, regulations, programs, and procedures governing a Social Security Disability claim. Our Social Security Disability law firm has a 92% success rate in winning benefits for our disabled clients. Although prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, we are proud of what we have accomplished for our clients.

Our law firm will:

  • Help complete the required forms so that SSA’s determination is based on an accurate picture of your past employment history and your present medical condition.
  • Guide you through the various stages, including correspondence with the Division of Disability Determinations and the examinations conducted by the physicians hired by Social Security.
  • Assist Social Security in gathering important information about your case, in particular your medical records.
  • Obtain statements from your doctors regarding your inability to work. Our attorneys can even help your doctor understand Social Security guidelines.
  • Attend hearings and present evidence before an Administrative Law Judge.
  • If necessary, appeal your case to the Appeals Council or to Federal Court.

Common Social Security Disability Questions

The Social Security Administration is unbelievably slow in processing claims. If you’re denied at the initial stage, and most are, you can wait anywhere from 18 to 24 months to get a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the Social Security Administration is for us or against us. Find out what you can do and how Segar & Sciortino can help.

The Social Security Administration will pay benefits up to a maximum of one year prior to the date you file, assuming you were disabled and eligible during that period of time.

One of our attorneys will be by your side to argue your case and present evidence before the Judge. Obviously you will be there to testify before the Judge and don’t worry, we’ll prepare you so you can tell the Judge every important detail about you and your disability. A hearing assistant is usually in the hearing room as well. A hearing will generally last anywhere between one (1) hour and three (3) hours.

Whether you win your claim depends on a number of factors, however, Segar & Sciortino has won 92% of its Social Security Disability cases over the last two (2) years.