Can I bring a medical malpractice lawsuit if my medical device implant was recalled?

In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled tens of thousands of their DePuy Orthopaedic ASR metal-on-metal hip implants.  Now they are recalling another 7500 implants from their “Adept,” their line of metal-on-metal implants sold outside the United States.  This included the U.K., Australia and Germany between 2004 and 2011. Data gathered in the U.K. and… Read More

Can I win my Social Security disability case If my doctor says I’m disabled?

“My doctor has graded me at 75% (or 85%/90%/100%) disability and/or has taken me out of work.  Doesn’t that mean I will win my social security disability case?” Not necessarily!  Social Security’s regulations provide that the Commissioner of Social Security is left with the ultimate decision of whether or not you are disabled.  What that… Read More

Can I work while my Social Security Disability (SSD) application is pending?

I have no source of income during my application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, and now I’m waiting to hear back from them.  How will going back to work affect my case? This is a common question from our Social Security disability (SSD) clients.  The short answer is that a return to work may… Read More

Is It Too Late To Sue My Doctor For Medical Malpractice?

When medical professionals act negligently in caring for a patient, whether they are doctors, nurses, podiatrists or dentists, the kind of claim one brings against them is one for medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice is a special kind of negligence action that only applies to medical professionals who make medical mistakes.  In this post, we will… Read More

That McDonald’s Lady Got A Million Dollars! Myths and Facts of “The McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case”

Here at Segar & Sciortino we frequently talk to our clients (and potential clients) about case value.  We try to explain that valuing a personal injury case is as much an art as it is a science, and a lot of factors go into making that determination.  These include The nature and extent of the… Read More

What is “Assumption of Risk?”

We live in a world full of risks.  Despite these risks, we continue to live our lives: we drive cars even though they sometimes crash; we go skiing even though we may fall; we shave even though we may be cut.  Every day we encounter risks, weigh our options and choose whether the risk is… Read More

Workers’ Compensation Liens in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A lien is a legal right a person or entity has against the property of another.  Liens can work in a variety of different ways.  Some liens can be placed against property, like a house, which prevents you from selling it until the lien is “satisfied,” or “paid back.”  Other kinds of liens work by… Read More

What is the “Workers’ Compensation Offset” and how will it affect my Social Security case?

If you collect Workers’ Compensation benefits and file for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you may not be able to receive both types of benefits at their maximum amounts.  Your Social Security benefit may be reduced.  This is due to a law that says you can only receive up to 80% of your average current… Read More

Can you file for workers’ compensation and sue a third-party for a work-related injury?

At Segar & Sciortino, we look at your case from every angle to help maximize your benefits and get you the compensation you deserve.  When someone comes to us with a workers’ compensation issue, one of the things we look for is a responsible “third-party” to bring a lawsuit against, or “sue.” for the things… Read More

Suing the Government

A government entity includes everything from the Governor’s office to the police department to the local library.  If it gets paid for by tax dollars, chances are it is a government entity.  This means that any lawsuit one might bring against such an entity would be a lawsuit against the government.   When suing the government… Read More

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