What to Expect at Your First Meeting with Your Workers’ Comp Attorney

At Segar & Sciortino our goal is to make you feel like family from the initial intake through the conclusion of your Workers’ Compensation case. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Here is what you can expect at your first meeting with your workers’ comp attorney.

At your initial consultation you will meet one-on-one with your Workers’ Compensation attorney in their office. During the meeting the attorney will get to know you by asking questions about your work history, wages and how the accident happened. When discussing your accident at work, please be prepared to share all of the details of how it occurred including the time, place, general work conditions, environment, who you reported the accident to and anything else that may be relevant to your injury. It will also be important for you to inform your Workers’ Compensation attorney of any witnesses to your accident.

Depending on the information you shared regarding your injury, your Workers’ Compensation attorney may also ask you whether or not you have received any money from the Workers’ Compensation insurance company and if you have worked while receiving your compensation benefits. Please be advised that volunteer work would also need to be reported.

It will also be important for your Workers’ Compensation attorney to learn about any prior injuries and whether you have filed any other compensation cases. Please plan to share a list of all of the doctors you have seen for treatment including those hired by the insurance company.

Sometimes people ask us what they should bring to their initial meeting. The simple answer is to bring everything you have relating to your work injury. This may include:

  • Any medical records in your possession
  • Copies of your paystubs and W2’s
  • Insurance company information
  • Copies of any other bills that you have incurred as a result of your work accident/injury
  • Copies of any documents or letters that you have received form the Workers’ Compensation Board or the Workers’ Compensation insurance company

While this information is helpful, you do not need to provide everything on the list to have a productive first meeting with your Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Understandably, you will have many questions regarding your Workers’ Compensation case. Rest assured your attorney will spend time answering all of your questions.

You can expect your initial meeting to take approximately an hour depending on the severity and complexity of your Workers’ Compensation case.

At the conclusion of the initial meeting, you and your Workers’ Compensation attorney will determine the next steps in your case. Your attorney and their legal assistant will guide you throughout the process.

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