The Truth Behind Car Insurance — Part Two

In Workers’ Compensation claims, medical treatment is preauthorized—not so with no-fault insurance coverage (medical treatment arising from a car accident). While a Workers’ Compensation insurance company must pay a medical bill because it’s already been authorized, that’s not how it works with no-fault car insurance in New York.

In many no-fault cases, your automobile insurer will have your surgery or other medical treatment reviewed by a medical consultant after the treatment has already been performed. That consultant is hired and paid for by the insurance company to determine whether the medical treatment is reasonable, necessary, and/or related to the car accident. With this level of “independence,” it’s no surprise that the bill is typically denied. Or, if your treatment lasts over an extended period (such as physical therapy or chiropractic care), the insurance company will have you examined by one of their “independent” medical consultants to determine whether future care is reasonable and necessary. The result? Generally, a denial for any and all future treatment. The company whose insurance you paid for—and supposedly saved money purchasing—is off the hook!

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