Can I work while I am on Social Security Disability?

Yes, if you are receiving Social Security Disability benefits but are able to return to work at some point you need to notify the Social Security Administration of your return. Social Security will allow you to try and return to work for 9 months and you can still receive your Social Security Disability benefit. This is called a “trial work period.” This year a trial work period is defined as $1,110 a month. If you make less than $1,110 a month that month does not count towards your 9 month trial work period. Your nine month trial work period does not need to be consecutive. Once you have 9 trial work months completed you will enter into what is called an “extended period of eligibility.” If you are successful going back to work and making above substantial gainful activity your Social Security Disability benefits will stop. The substantial gainful activity limit for 2024 for a non-blind person is $1,550 a month. However, if you are back at work but do not make above the substantial gainful activity amount during your extended period of eligibility you can still get your Social Security Disability benefit for any month below substantial gainful activity.