When “No-Fault” Car Insurance Doesn’t Play Fair

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, your own automobile insurance, often referred to as “no-fault” or personal injury protection (PIP), pays for your medical expenses—or at least it’s supposed to. Many car insurers, especially those you see a lot of advertising for on TV, will typically have you examined by a doctor of their choice not long after the accident. That doctor will generally write a report saying that you don’t need further treatment and then you’ll be sent a notice denying future medical treatment. This isn’t right, and it isn’t fair. You’ve been paying for the insurance, many times for several years. Shouldn’t you receive the full benefit of what you paid for?

At Segar & Sciortino, we’ll look at your case from every angle to help you get all the benefits—medical and otherwise—that you deserve. And we can help you deal with the insurance companies, whether that’s your own, or that of another driver.

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