What Are Classification Awards?

For workers’ compensation purposes, there are two basic types of permanent disabilities: Scheduled Loss of Use Injuries (including injuries to the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes and joints; also loss of vision, loss of hearing and facial disfigurement) and Classified Injuries (including injuries to the head, back, neck and anything else not expressly categorized… Read More

What is a Scheduled Loss of Use Award?

A scheduled loss of use award is a type of workers’ compensation award that is given to people who have permanent, work-related injuries to their extremities (arms, hands, feet, legs).  This is different from the kinds of awards given to people with “classified injuries,” which are permanent work-related injuries to non-extremities (back, head, neck, organs,… Read More

Reduced Earnings In Workers’ Compensation

A common misconception about workers’ compensation benefits is that you can’t continue to collect them if you go back to work. The concern most people have is that they won’t be able to earn as much with a job as they do on workers’ comp because they are still disabled from their on-the-job injury. To… Read More

Looking At Your Case From Every Angle – Part 2: How Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Work Together

As we talked about in our last post, the Workers’ Compensation Law (WCL) prevents employees from suing their employers for injuries they sustained on the job, with a few exceptions. This means that if you are hurt at work, even if it’s your employer’s fault, you usually can’t sue the company. However, in some circumstances,… Read More

Looking At Your Case From Every Angle – Part 1: Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, or Personal Injury?

At Segar & Sciortino, we help injured people get the compensation they deserve, whether that is through workers’ compensation, social security disability, or a personal injury lawsuit. This post will discuss in some depth the difference between these areas of law. Workers’ Compensation is a benefits system established by law that provides coverage to employees… Read More

Introducing the Blog

Welcome to the first installment of Segar & Sciortino’s blog. To begin, I want to introduce the firm. Segar & Sciortino is a Rochester-based law firm that provides legal services to injured and disabled individuals in Western New York. Our practice concentrates on Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability, and Personal Injury (Accident Law). By focusing our practice on these… Read More

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