The Reality of Applying for Social Security Disability

Many of you may have seen the 60 Minutes piece on social security disability from October.  In that story, Senator Tom Coburn discussed the findings of a two-year case study conducted by his office that uncovered a conspiracy between a West Virginia Attorney, Administrative Law Judge and some local doctors to push through social security disability cases that may not otherwise have been approved.  This conspiracy has been used an example of fraud in the social security disability system and many are calling for an overhaul of the program.  While there are of course instances of fraud in any system, this West Virginia case is an extreme example and should not be used to pass judgment on the rest of the social security disability program.

Steve Segar and a former client of Segar & Sciortino were featured on Channel 10 news in Rochester discussing the reality of how difficult it can be to apply for social security disability.  Segar & Sciortino has decades of experience handling social security disability matters and our attorneys know first-hand how stressful and unfair the process can be.

As Mr. Segar states in the Channel 10 story, “60% of applicants at the initial stage are denied,” which means that many people must go to the next level of appeal and present their case, with medical proof, to an administrative law judge.  The procedural rules and stressful nature of these appellate proceedings are why many people choose to have an attorney represent them.

If you have questions about your social security disability application or appeal, call Segar & Sciortino to speak with one of our experienced social security disability attorney advocates.

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