Can I see my own medical records?

All medical providers, including doctors, hospitals, physical therapists, dentists and mental health practitioners, are legally required to keep medical records. And you, as the patient, have a right to access those records. That being said, while there are state laws and regulations relating to how and when medical records should be made available, your doctors’… Read More

Can I bring a medical malpractice lawsuit if my medical device implant was recalled?

In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson recalled tens of thousands of their DePuy Orthopaedic ASR metal-on-metal hip implants.  Now they are recalling another 7500 implants from their “Adept,” their line of metal-on-metal implants sold outside the United States.  This included the U.K., Australia and Germany between 2004 and 2011. Data gathered in the U.K. and… Read More

Is It Too Late To Sue My Doctor For Medical Malpractice?

When medical professionals act negligently in caring for a patient, whether they are doctors, nurses, podiatrists or dentists, the kind of claim one brings against them is one for medical malpractice.  Medical malpractice is a special kind of negligence action that only applies to medical professionals who make medical mistakes.  In this post, we will… Read More

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